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Gone but Not Forgotten


'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

                    ...Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem In Memoriam


Please meet Wrinkle Market's, Every Which Way but Loose, we called him Clyde. Clyde was a red, fawn guy with a black mask; such a good looking boy. Clyde was shown and did great in show ring, but a scare made him just needing 1 major to be a Champion. Clyde was and will always be a champion in my heart and mind. He was always happy even living in the kennel, Although Clyde never sired puppies, he would have made a great dad. I lost Mr. Clyde too early, leaving a huge hole in my heart.

CH. Double O Full Speed Ahead

Fuller was a one of a kind. He came to The Wrinkle Market at age 4 months from the Double O Kennel in Elk City, Oklahoma. This stunning red fawn male not only captured our hearts, but also captured the judges by receiving his championship at 19 months. He owned a room when he walked in, the show ring was his, my heart was his. Tears still fall when I think of Fuler, we miss you son you were a one of a kind that will always live in our memory.

Ch. Wrinkle Market's Lei Ling

Lei Ling I was there when you were hours old to hold you, and I fell in love with you almost instantly. I was so proud the day I brought you home and you began your journey as the first Champion for the The Wrinkle Market Chinese Shar-pei Kennel. Your precious life was so short, but you made a footprint in my heart for all time. Your wiggle, your look that was like a smile, your grace and love. Thank you for all you gave.

Wrinkle Market's Sedona's Redrock

The boy that won our hearts and filled it with such pride. To lose such a wonderful friend so early in life is hard to fathom. I know you will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge where once again we will be reunited. Thank you for the offspring you left for us to cherish. Always loved, never forgotten.

Mr. Bill's Tar Baby

Above, so much is said about Tar Baby in the right up and what she meant to me, she was one of the greatest additions to my breeding program. Tar Baby was my friend. She loved people and was such an emissary for the breed. She extended her love and proved the Shar Pei are such a loving and dedicated breed. Tar Baby is thought of everyday, missed everyday, stories told about her by so many fellow Shar Pei owners. She was a legacy in the breed. I love you Tar Baby.


Cowboy seemed to be a champion at birth, he hit the show circuit and could not be stopped, becoming a champion in a very small amount of shows. He has a sure thing because of his large head, square frame and personalty in abundance. Cowboy was retired from the show ring after the 2008 Nationals and runs and plays with his other Pei friends. He will be sorely missed

Mr. Clean

Meet Wrinkle Market's White Tornado, better known as Mr. Clean. Our cream with slight apricot tint male is hitting the show circuit and is sure to mop up and get rid of his competition. Mr. Clean truly showed like a white tornado. He will be sorely missed.

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